What's new this week

Well its been over a month since I last posted on here but that's because we have been really busy.  During this time we have launched several new products including our new multi platform e-commerce product.

Also really exciting is a new release of award winning our site builder platform that has had hundreds of improvements.  What's more the product has been selected by one of the UK's largest business ISP's to power their customer offering and we are working hard to launch that too.

It's very exciting and busy times here at Local Link Up.  Our customer base continues to grow in all departments and we are delighted to be bucking the recession doom and gloom trends right now.

Mobile sites break through the 1000 barrier

Despite only launching our mobile friendly websites product just a few short weeks ago we have now achieved the milestone of 1000 customer mobile sites created. It's great news and we are adding more than 100 new customers every week. Local Link Up and our parent company aim to be the biggest provider of mobile friendly websites in the UK.

Businesses are not ready for mobile

Traffic from mobile devices in the UK has increased to about 9% (according to StatCounter) which is also the same percentage of Quantcast’s Top Million sites that are deemed ready for mobile in 2012 according to data from the Mongoose Metrics Data Series.

This compares to the previous year where it was determined that of 7,000 retail websites only 4.8% were mobile ready – a nearly doubling of the Web’s mobile readiness in a year.

In the Mongoose Metrics data set, 118,000 of the 1,000,000 sites could not be crawled at all for a variety of reasons, resulting in approximately 882,000 sites that could be used for this data.

As 79,133 sites either rendered a mobile version on the same URL or redirected to a mobile version of the site under a different URL when a smartphone user agent was detected, this number dropped to 76,241 when a feature phone user agent was used.

Interestingly, these sites used a JavaScript mobile redirect more often for feature phones than smartphones.

Get your business ready for mobile with a Local Link Up mobile ready website. Its less costly than you may think and will bring immediate benefits in search results.

Happy New Year and much e-commerce to come!

Well it's the start of another year and at Local Link Up we are as excited as ever about the prospect for what lies ahead.

Our engineers are currently working on a new extension to our website builder that allows customers to advertise their products through various channels such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Google Shopping and of course on their own e-commerce platform.

Once launched this product will be available as an add-on to our Pro Design customers and in a limited form to our PLINK Plus PPR customers too.

I will keep you updated.

Take a look at my little one!

Well they have done it. Our engineers have managed to complete our fully integrated mobile site builder called MoPD. take a look at our mobile website builder now.

Not only can it construct some great little websites that are optimised to work on Iphone, Android and Blackberry but you log in at any time as the site owner and change any content easily. A first for mobile website builders

Take a look, we think you will be impressed with our little one!

SEO produces more leads than Pay Per Click

Search engine optimisation is definitely the number one way to obtain leads for both business to consumer and also business to business marketers, beating both Pay Per Click and social multimedia promotion in a recent study of internet marketers. But more of those surveyed state they want to increase their social media advertising budgets in 2012, before SEO and PPC.

The figures come from the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report, which was authored by Webmarketing123, a California-based internet marketing company. The company surveyed above 500 U.S. online marketers in August and September.

Strangely as we have already been stating at Local Link Up for some time period, if you would like to get the greatest success from your internet advertising spending budget it needs to be focused on the Search engine optimisation industry however we feel that as real successes are difficult to get and keep track of in this sector businesses basically keep away from doing it when this could easily be a awesome source of fresh clients. Local Link Up is the no worries, no risk Pay Per Rank service. If you would like very good results while not taking risks with your budget in the Search engine optimisation field then there is only one company to call.

.mobi is the future of advertising at Local Link Up

Well following substantial demand our engineers are in the process of perfecting an addition to our superb website builder package to allow our customers and designers to produce superb mobile versions of websites and to allow regular updates easily like all Local Link Up products.

In just a few weeks we will be releasing this option to all customers so they can tap in to the lucrative mobile search market which now makes up almost 33% of all search requests.

I will keep you posted.