PLINK tastic

Well in the true tradition of Local Link Up we are not going to meet our development deadline for PLINK's today although we are very close to completion. Unfortunately the launch of the new Local Link Up PLINK system will not be ready until perhaps Monday now.

Never mind it will be worth the wait. All good things come to those who wait or so I am told. I have been waiting and waiting for that pay rise...........

Hey guys slow down, we are only in Beta

Local Link Up is essentially a "beta" product in that although we have launched, we know we still have loads of changes and new bits to add to the service before we can sit back and smoke our pipes.

So far this week we have added 588 new signups which is thoroughly testing our new code and systems. Thanks for adding us to your websites. We really appreciate it and it is really helping us to iron out little bugs as we roll prepare for our national and then internal roll-out.

So only joking, don’t slow down. Recommend Local Link Up to your friends.

Local Link Up Profiles - Coming soon.

Hey did we tell you about our new Local Link Up profiles section. No of course we didn't as we are just announcing it here!

Coming soon means in the next week or two we will have a brand new part to the Local Link Up offering that allows you to create a Plink" as my colleague called it. What this means is a public link page which is a place to profile your business to the world.

The best thing about a "Plink" is that we do all the work to get you found and it's still totally free. Just add a small description, choose from some sexy keywords and add other businesses you may like to recommend and press save. In seconds you will have your very own "Plink" for free!

I will update you when I have more on the subject but until then, Plink out :)

Listening to users

At Local Link Up we have experience of listening to customers. We are putting that experience to good use to develop our applications day by day. Just last week we have had some feedback about how the sitebuilder part of "Console" automatically makes the menu structure in the websites it creates and the development team are hard at work to include this improvement. Hopefully tomorrow we will release the update.

The point I am making here guys is that we listen. If you think you have an idea to improve your experience with our software please tell us. If we think it is a good idea too then we will work hard to include it for you.

New Updates to Console

We are going to keep our readers up to date via this blog of all service updates and improvements so here goes for a first one.

We were asked that in Console (our website manager tool) that you could create hyperlinks in web pages. Yes I know it should have been there from the start but it slipped past our radar. Anyway it is now added.

Also you can now add text titles instead of creating whole paragraphs with titles. You can now create seperate headings. Just click on the add text item when editing your webpage and you will see the new options.