Merry Xmas from the Local Link Up team

Local Link Up technical support is available via email only now until 4th January 2010!


Nagging is a huge success

I reported back on the 11th December that we had made a reminder service to remind people who had not activated their Local Link Up PLINK. Well its been live for nearly a couple of weeks now and we have seen a huge surge in activations so we are very pleased.

The Nag system sends out a series of texts and emails with different messages and will be built on to assist our customers get the most out of Local Link Up with various other things in the future too.

For those that have not activated yet, take two minutes of your time to get it done and it will be good for your business.

Sorry if I nag

Well I know everyone hates a nag but this week we have added our automated activation reminder service. in short it's an automated service that nags you to complete the bits of your Local Link Up PLINK that you have not done so you can get Plinking and get you business extra free exposure in these difficult times.

It seems that it is not enough for us to create a world class advertising service, give it away free and for some of you fill in 90% of your details and you are still too busy to press the activate button in your control panel. well now our automated service will remind you if you are one of the guilty parties. The Local Link Up nag service has your number!

Let's get Plinked up now

Right finally our developers have hit the money. The new Local Link Up PLINK product is available to everyone. Remember its free and we are now starting our push to get all UK businesses with a PLINK so what you waiting for. Get Plinking.

Sign up for free right now

Excuses excuses but I didnt say which Monday

Plinking heck. I said that the new Local Link Up PLINK product would be ready on Monday. Now I know I did't say which Monday but you would have been right to presume I meant last Monday gone not next Monday. At the time those pesky LLU developers lead me to believe that it would have been ready for Monday just gone but every day they have come up with excuses. It's always PLINK this and PLINK that but little evidence that they are going to finish anytime soon.

Well I have it on good authority that they will actually have it finished in time for this Monday instead. There have been a few challenges along the way and a few tears and tantrums but now it is really taking shape. I have seen all the test versions and all I can saying is it will be worth the PLINKing wait. The Local Link Up development team have surpassed themselves this time and are really building an award winning advertising product for our customers. Remember that all this service is FREE to use. There are no monthly fees or user charges for what is one of the best local advertising products in the UK.

So what you waiting for................actually you are waiting for us, but I promise it wont be long so you can get PLINKing!