Merry Xmas from Local Link Up

I know it’s a little early but the team at Local Link Up are not here next Friday and with Friday being my favourite day to blog I thought I better do my thing today.

Well firstly we wish to pass on our profound thanks to the thousands of businesses who joined us during the last 12 months. It was only one year ago that Local Link Up launched the first of our services and now we employ over 100 people and have over 30,000 business using our platforms. This by any measure is a fantastic result but when you put that against the backdrop of a worldwide recession we think that speaks volumes for the Local Link Up message. We think our customers get what we are trying to do.

During 2010 we introduced a free online advertising product and in addition introduced the UK's only pay per rank SEO service. Finally we released not one but three versions of our excellent and free website builder platform called Pro Design however.....

....2011 is going to be much better. Local Link Up has a substantial growth plan for the next year. From 2011 we are ramping up our operation to cope with a large increase in the number of subscribers. Currently we have people in training so they are ready to handle our workload straight from the outset of the New Year.
We have exciting times ahead of us and we are on a mission to make Local Link Up one of the largest advertising networks in the UK. Again we thank each and every customer who has shown faith in our products and services so far and we wish each and every one of you a very happy Christmas and New Year.

52% of search is local from mobiles and 20% overall

It has been announced this week by Bing (Microsoft) that at least 52% of searches on mobile phones have a local intent, i.e. looking for a plumber in a town x or perhaps a restaurant in town y. Whats more Google have also said that at least 20% of all searches are now local and its growing all the time.

Now thats great for us. At Local Link Up we specialise in getting businesses found for localised search results. Through our suite of free advertising, pay per rank advertising and pro design websites we have one of the UK's largest portfolio's of customers all enhancing their local search prospects. What's the message here, well if you do not have a local specific search campaign you should have and you just know I am going to suggest that Local Link Up is the best placed service to offer you that.

The internet is worth £100bn to UK business

The internet is worth £100bn to UK business.

Yesterday is was widely reported that the internet sector alone was worth over £100bn to the UK economy making up more than 7% of the UK national economy, but who is getting all the business? I bet it’s not you?

The majority of the business goes to the companies who have their websites listed on the front page of Google for competitive phrases but I bet that’s not you either?
BCG partner Paul Zwillenberg, one of the report's authors, said the internet is giving UK companies access to international markets and allowing them to generate "astounding" growth. I bet that’s not you getting outstanding growth from the internet either?
The UK has the big
gest per capita spend on e-commerce with people buying billions of pounds of goods and services every week but again I bet it’s not you that is enjoying that prolific spending frenzy?

It all boils down to this. The companies who commit to the internet and work hard to get results are making money while people who do not commit and are stuck using out of date marketing methods lose out. If you are not on the first page of Google but you have a nice website you may as well not be there and have wasted your money. Local Link Up offers a unique, no-risk way of getting your business first page listings to generate traffic for your site to give you a chance of being up there with the people making money.

The front page of Google for less than £1 per month. It just can't be true

Of course it can't be true, can it? Surely I can't get my business ranked on the first page of Google for a pound a month or even less. Well actually you can. Local Link Up has a unique Pay Per Rank SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service called PLINK PLUS Results that allows you to pick from a menu of phrases that suit your business and get them found on Google. We do all the work, if you don’t count you picking your phrases in the first place, but best of all we don't charge you a penny if we don't get you found on the front page of Google. What’s more we throw in Bing and Yahoo for free!

Pay Per Rank SEO is the gold standard in SEO. While companies re out there charging vast sums for unquantifiable work, with Pay Per Rank SEO you only pay for results. It couldn't be fairer.

Local Link Up was the first company in the UK to offer Pay Per Rank SEO and we are the only company who measures and checks our results four times each month. Don't settle for anything less.

The front page is where it's at!

Even if you have heard of pay per rank SEO you may not know how it works or what it can do for your business. You may not even be sure why your business needs it. To help you decide, consider these questions

Have you got a website that doesn’t rank on the first page of Google?

Have you got a product or service that you would like to sell more of?

Do you think being listed on the front page of Google would bring you more business?

Google is by far the largest medium for advertising in the UK. Ignore directories which are a thing of the past now. Ignore 118 services because the majority of their meagre traffic is looking for a business they already know the name of but can’t remember the number. Ignore the local papers, even a national advertisement brings in very little traffic and local advertisements just don't work.

The internet is where it’s happening and in particular on Google. In the UK, unlike some countries, Google has been adopted as almost the standard search engine despite efforts of competitors like Microsoft and Yahoo. What’s more it’s happening on the first page of Google. If you aren’t on it you won’t be getting traffic. There is almost a 98% drop off in traffic between the first page of Google and position number 11 in the rankings and that’s where Local Link Up comes in. Our unique Pay Per Rank service means you only pay us if we get you on the first page of Google and we only charge you a small fee for each phrase. It’s simple and very fair. We only get paid if we get your business the results you want.

If you want to get traffic to your business and have your site appear on the top of all major search engines, Pay Per Rank SEO would be the logical choice to make money. Just remember that until your site gets on the top, you do not pay.

Search Marketing in it's fairest form, Pay Per Rank SEO

We have had phenomenal success with our latest product Plink Plus PPR (Pay Per Rank) which allows customers to get one of our simple but massively effective PLINK's and then add a pay per rank marketing campaign on the back of it.

Quite simply this allows a business to get a free PLINK which is an effective form of advertising in it's own right and then choose phrases that are important to their business. Our Search Engine Optimisation team then work hard every week to get the site promoted and if our customers phrases appear on the first page of Google they pay a small monthly fee for each one found. It's hugely effective because unlike normal search marketing schemes we are always incentivised to keep pushing your business, if we don't we don't get paid anything.

Its a simple, fair and transparent system that gets results. Does it work? Have a look who is on the front page of google for "Pay Per Rank" from over 6 million results!

We are not the only company that promise this but we deliver and our system is simple to use and control. What's more we give you full control over everything in your package with your PLINK. Try a free plink and our free advertising package first to see how good it is and then upgrade to a PLINK Plus PPR

Listing on Google for free local advertising

I noticed today that Google has now got Local Link Up listed for Free Local Advertising now. Thats great because hopefully even more people will find out about the benefits of Local Link Up and our free local advertising packages. If you have not tried it and you have a business why not?

Latest news in Free Local Advertising

Well it had to come. The pace of development never stops at Local Link Up. I have today been in a meeting that discussed two seriously cool new add-ons to our Free Online Business Advertising package, PLINK. It is way too early to make any announcements here about what they will look like but I can safely say that they are yet another nail in the coffin of tired old advertising mediums such as the paper directories.

While I am here have you seen the slightly less free add-on to our free advertising package. Its called PLINK Plus Results PPR (it stands for Pay Per Rank) and it gives our customers all the benefits of the free package and a great pay per results SEO package that does exactly what it says. If we dont get you any results you pay nothing. There is a little sign up fee but other than that the boys and girls working hard in our SEO teams have to really get their fingers out so we can get our hands on your cash. This is not to be confused with our FREE product though as that still remains totally free. Take a look at our paid product called PLINK Plus Results PPR. Its almost FREE and provides a stunning service to our customers!

Free Local Business Advertising, what you waiting for?

Well what you waiting for. Local Link Up is providing free advertising to thousands of businesses. Every week more and more companies are enjoying the benefits of free local business advertising by getting themselves a PLINK.

You don’t have to replace your website, you don’t have to consult your webmaster (whatever they are), you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds to a "SEO specialist", you just have to get PLINKing.

Now we are not saying it will be the only online advertising you will ever need but it may just be that. Some businesses really mostly on reputation but your potential customers still need to find you on the internet and that’s what PLINK is all about. It’s a simple website like a Facebook for business I guess. It provides basic information about your business and you can update it in seconds without paying the webmaster or SEO specialist to do it for you.

So what you waiting for? Get yourself a PLINK now. It won’t cost you a bean but might just improve your online advertising!

It's a PLINKing success

Well we can't complain. Despite a few post launch tiny teething problems we have had a fantastic response to out new free advertising product.

Just take a look and see what the power of PLINK can do for your business. It does exactly what it says, it's totally free local advertising for your business. Every business should have one and we will be working hard to make sure they do. Get yours now before we change our mind about it's freeness! Only joking, Local Link Up PLINK will always be free so get one today.

New Social PLINK is launched. Get yours now

Finally after a few small delays that the development team assure me is everyone elses fault but theirs, we have managed to launch our fantastic new style PLINK which we lovingly refer to as PLINK Social. Essentially we have added some stunning new features such as inline editing for blogging and connecting to other businesses.

Just take a look and if you like it, get PLINKing. It is totally free advertising for local business.

New Local Link Up website will be the portal for free local advertising

It's just a couple of days away and once launched the new Local Link Up website will be the portal for all businesses to get themselves one of our new PLINK profile accounts. The PLINK is a unique social networking page aimed only at businesses.

Imagine something like a Facebook page but where businesses exchange connections, get free advertising and earn credits for carrying adverts of other businesses. Those credits are then automatically exchanged for more free advertising at no cost. Sounds to good to be true but its not, its Local Link Up, it's a PLINK! It's our blend of free local advertising. It's free business and free leads for your business.

It's not a website, it's a PLINK. It runs alongside your website and gets you connections and gets you a significant and immediate increase in exposure for your company. What's more, as the Local Link Up network grows, so does your free advertising.

There is no downside so what are you waiting for, get PLINKing now. Don't waste your time looking for the catch because you won't find one. If your business hasn't got a PLINK it should have.

New Local Link Up local advertising product is very close to launch

Well it's great news that I have actually seen sight of the latest version of our new free local advertising product. It is truly going to be a quantam leap forward for our PLINKs and there is simply nothing like this out in the market for free local business advertising. I cant wait to reveal all to our customers in the next couple of weeks.

The team at Local Link Up are very proud of our new baby!

Recruiting at Local Link Up

Well the development team are working hard on our new Free Local Advertising product and it is coming on nicely but my colleagues in the Local Link Up development team have used up all their excuses as to why they are behind schedule now so they have asked me to mention on here that we are actually looking to expand that team.

If you are a .net developer and live and work around the North West of England then this may be the place for you. If you are interested in becoming part of the Local Link Up team just send me an email to and I will pass it on.

New products coming to Local Link Up, the UK's free local advertising service

Well it's been a while since I had any news about new products but I have some now. Local Link Up are continuing to develop our range of unique local advertising products and are furiously working on the next big thing!

Watch this space for news of two great new additions to the Local Link Up family, Plink version 3, our wonderful free advertising product which is being massively updated and our new PPR product (that's Pay Per Rank between you and me). It's a blend of SEO (I know I am talking jargon) and pay per results advertising. It's aimed at our customers who have enjoyed the free Local Link Up local advertising experience but prefer something a little less free. I will keep you updated.

It's well over 11,000 now and counting, but who's counting!

They still keep coming in. Today we passed the 11,000 mark of Local Link Up subscribers. This is a fantastic result as the pace of new members is growing. The team at Local Link Up are really pleased that people are enjoying our unique brand of free local advertising.

Over 10,000 have now joined Local Link Up

Well thats a nice milestone to reach. Since we launched Local Link Up in November over 10,000 businesses have joined us and are the proud owners of a Plink. That means they are getting free advertising for their businesses and are exchanging advertising credits with other Local Link Up members across the UK.

One month on and its 8000 at Local Link Up.

Well its one month and 3 days since I last checked the subscriber numbers and we have now passed throught the 8000 subscribers mark. In fact 8073 as I write. We get around 700 new subscribers each week and that number is growing.

The whole Local Link Up team is delighted that we are making such progress but this is only the start. We are looking to get at least 250,000 businesses in the UK enjoying the benefits of free advertising through Local Link Up and to get there were are going to introduce some exciting new programs in the near future.

Sorry we had to move

Due to changes at Blogger, our favourite blogging tool, we had to move the address of the Local Link Up blog to this one. Dont worry though, nothing has changed but just dont ask me any questions or I will call you a bigot :)

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Local Link Up passes the 5000 mark

It's amazing but in just a few short months we have managed to gain over 5000 subscribers to Local Link Up. Each of these businesses is enjoying our unique local advertising concept and our base is growing week by week.

Shortly we are going to announce a new way that we intend to incease the number of members yet further to expand our advertising portfolio and make it even better value for our subscribers.............what am I talking about, its free already, how can that get any better!

We only came second but we are still pleased with our progress

Well we are sorry to say that we didnt win the main prize but were in fact the runners up. Not a bad effort but we will try harder next time to make the judges happy.

Local Link Up is a unique concept and perhaps we didnt quite get the message across that we wanted to but over time we are sure that more people will come to realise the unique local advertising concept that is Local Link Up.

We are all a buzz at Local Link Up HQ, it's awards night

Well we have only been around for just under a year but Local Link Up is already up for an award. Just last month we found out that we had been shortlisted for the best use of e-Business award at the 2010 BIBA Awards run by various business agencies in north west where we are based.

Ten people from the team are going along to the ceremony tonight including yours truly. We are up against some other good ideas but we really believe that Local Link Up is truly a market leader and we have our fingers well and truly crossed that the judges will feel that way too.

Whether we win or not, one thing is we can be very proud that from large numbers of businesses judged initially we have shortlisted to the last five!

Local Link up has grown by 30% in the last month

No I am not talking about the waistlines of the developers of Local Link Up, I am talking about new members to our free advertising service.

Last month we reported there was just over 2700 businesses who had started to enjoy the benefits of Local Link Up, well right now the number of Local Link Up members stands at 3887. Thats 3887 businesses enjoying free advertising right now.

An thats not all, the team here are starting to ramp up our efforts to roll out Local Link Up to more towns across the UK and speed up the growth.

Local Link Up is serving up thousands and thousands of free adverts for UK businesses and the network grows daily.

Our aim is to become the UK's premier advertising network and we offer most of our services for free so what are you waiting for.

Local Link Up Extreme Support Pledge

At Local Link Up we are a business which means that along with our many wonderful and totally free advertising services we also provide some chargeable services to our customers. We have a team of very dedicated professionals who have your satisfaction as their goal. We wont have anyone in our team who doesnt really, really care about the service we provide to our customers. If you call us we promise to answer your call with a real person who will try to help you.

Unlike many companies we offer an unlimited and unquestionable support level that we like to call EXTREME SUPPORT. If we charge you for something and you are not happy with what we provided we will work for an unlimited amount of time to give you what we promised at no extra charge. If you are still not happy we will give you a refund. Thats its. Its quite simple. It doesnt effect your statutory rights but then who needs them when you have this level of support.

You will see our Extreme Support pledge published on all forms of contact with us. We keep mentioning it because we really mean it. It's easy to make a pledge but we are doing more that that. We truly want to make all our customers very happy and we will go the extra mile to make sure we do. It's the Local Link Up difference.

Changes this week to Local Link Up

Well seems I don't know what the priorities are around here. The development team have had to park the launch of smart search because of other issues that needed dealing with.

This week they have been working on substantially upgrading the Local Link Up platform with some more flashing and whirring boxes. Quite impressive they are too. They assure me that they were required for our ever growing customer base so who am I to argue.

It's an interesting fact that the servers that run Local Link Up put out enough waste heat energy to heat a small house. Most companies use air conditioning to cool their servers however at Local Link Up we have come up with a more environmentally friendly way of dealing with this issue and are pumping the waste heat via a filter and it to our offices so the more you use our servers, the warmer we get in the office technically!

More of the same with Local Link Up Smart Search

Well another week goes by and I am sorry but I dont have much to announce here today. The developers are working flat out on the Smart Search algorithm and a natty interface to list the results when someone searches for a local business but its not ready yet! To be honest it's hybrid search and directory approach is giving them some headaches they didn't anticipate but hopefully we will have something better to report at Local Link Up next week.

There are now 2793 companies who have signed up and activated their Local Link Up accounts. The Local Link Up Free Advertising package is currently available in just a few North West towns but will shortly be rolled out to more towns across the UK.

Plink Plus + Ski Plus

Well sorry guys I have not got much to say this week. The team are working hard on the new Local Link Up search engine (whoops I wasn't meant to mention that yet) and I am off skiing today!

No seriously though, soon we will be launching the Local Link Up search engine called Smart Search. It's sort of a hybrid between a Search Engine like Google or Bing and a directory like Yell.

We like to think it takes the best bits of both when it comes to searching for a business that can provide the service or product you need. No there is a lot of people who have promised revolutionary search engines and NO we are not suggesting it will replace Google any time soon but we are suggesting that it will be a fantastic facility. I will keep updated.

Plink Plus is live

OK our developers were (as ever) true to their word and we now have a PLINK Plus product which as I said previously is like a PLINK but plusser!

Anyway the PLINK Plus is available for our customers today and unfortunately while it is not entirely free, it is stunning value at only £249.95+VAT. The PLINK Plus is essentially a mini website for someone wanting to dip their toes in the website waters so to speak. It has substantial extra benefits over the standard free PLINK and includes your own domain name which can kept forever and in future used on a full website should you wish.

Now the website waters are clearly shark infested. There are lots of companies offering all sorts of web packages out there but nothing comes close to the Local Link Up PLINK Plus package for value. For £249.95 you essentially get a multi-page website with dynamic content that you can update as much as you like via our stunning control panel called "Console". It contains the standard Local Link Up FREE advertising package and comes with a registered internet domain name. Also you get email to your chosen address and we will even get your a listing on Google Local/Maps.

The PLINK, and now its bigger brother, the PLINK Plus are the industry's best value internet advertising products. Avoid the sharks out there, net yourself a PLINK Plus today.

PLINK Plus, it's like a PLINK but plusser

I know, there is no such word as plusser but I think you know what I mean. Anyway this week will see the completion of our new PLINK Plus product which has all the benefits of a PLINK but some very exciting extras. Its like a mini website that is really ideal for those businesses that wish to dip their toes in the website waters or perhaps to create an extra level of promotion for an existing product.

Watch out for PLINK plus from Local Link Up.

Happy New Year from the Local Link Up team

Well that holiday was short but the Local Link Up team is back and firing on all cylinders, well that's apart from all my colleagues that have been snowed in this week.

Anyway for those of us who manage to get to work we are enjoying cracking on with some exciting new features for our products that our users can enjoy soon.

Just one snippet of information, we had 12 people activate their plinks on Xmas day. Must have been having a quiet one :)