Plink Plus is live

OK our developers were (as ever) true to their word and we now have a PLINK Plus product which as I said previously is like a PLINK but plusser!

Anyway the PLINK Plus is available for our customers today and unfortunately while it is not entirely free, it is stunning value at only £249.95+VAT. The PLINK Plus is essentially a mini website for someone wanting to dip their toes in the website waters so to speak. It has substantial extra benefits over the standard free PLINK and includes your own domain name which can kept forever and in future used on a full website should you wish.

Now the website waters are clearly shark infested. There are lots of companies offering all sorts of web packages out there but nothing comes close to the Local Link Up PLINK Plus package for value. For £249.95 you essentially get a multi-page website with dynamic content that you can update as much as you like via our stunning control panel called "Console". It contains the standard Local Link Up FREE advertising package and comes with a registered internet domain name. Also you get email to your chosen address and we will even get your a listing on Google Local/Maps.

The PLINK, and now its bigger brother, the PLINK Plus are the industry's best value internet advertising products. Avoid the sharks out there, net yourself a PLINK Plus today.

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