Local Link Up Extreme Support Pledge

At Local Link Up we are a business which means that along with our many wonderful and totally free advertising services we also provide some chargeable services to our customers. We have a team of very dedicated professionals who have your satisfaction as their goal. We wont have anyone in our team who doesnt really, really care about the service we provide to our customers. If you call us we promise to answer your call with a real person who will try to help you.

Unlike many companies we offer an unlimited and unquestionable support level that we like to call EXTREME SUPPORT. If we charge you for something and you are not happy with what we provided we will work for an unlimited amount of time to give you what we promised at no extra charge. If you are still not happy we will give you a refund. Thats its. Its quite simple. It doesnt effect your statutory rights but then who needs them when you have this level of support.

You will see our Extreme Support pledge published on all forms of contact with us. We keep mentioning it because we really mean it. It's easy to make a pledge but we are doing more that that. We truly want to make all our customers very happy and we will go the extra mile to make sure we do. It's the Local Link Up difference.

Changes this week to Local Link Up

Well seems I don't know what the priorities are around here. The development team have had to park the launch of smart search because of other issues that needed dealing with.

This week they have been working on substantially upgrading the Local Link Up platform with some more flashing and whirring boxes. Quite impressive they are too. They assure me that they were required for our ever growing customer base so who am I to argue.

It's an interesting fact that the servers that run Local Link Up put out enough waste heat energy to heat a small house. Most companies use air conditioning to cool their servers however at Local Link Up we have come up with a more environmentally friendly way of dealing with this issue and are pumping the waste heat via a filter and it to our offices so the more you use our servers, the warmer we get in the office technically!

More of the same with Local Link Up Smart Search

Well another week goes by and I am sorry but I dont have much to announce here today. The developers are working flat out on the Smart Search algorithm and a natty interface to list the results when someone searches for a local business but its not ready yet! To be honest it's hybrid search and directory approach is giving them some headaches they didn't anticipate but hopefully we will have something better to report at Local Link Up next week.

There are now 2793 companies who have signed up and activated their Local Link Up accounts. The Local Link Up Free Advertising package is currently available in just a few North West towns but will shortly be rolled out to more towns across the UK.