It's a PLINKing success

Well we can't complain. Despite a few post launch tiny teething problems we have had a fantastic response to out new free advertising product.

Just take a look and see what the power of PLINK can do for your business. It does exactly what it says, it's totally free local advertising for your business. Every business should have one and we will be working hard to make sure they do. Get yours now before we change our mind about it's freeness! Only joking, Local Link Up PLINK will always be free so get one today.

New Social PLINK is launched. Get yours now

Finally after a few small delays that the development team assure me is everyone elses fault but theirs, we have managed to launch our fantastic new style PLINK which we lovingly refer to as PLINK Social. Essentially we have added some stunning new features such as inline editing for blogging and connecting to other businesses.

Just take a look and if you like it, get PLINKing. It is totally free advertising for local business.

New Local Link Up website will be the portal for free local advertising

It's just a couple of days away and once launched the new Local Link Up website will be the portal for all businesses to get themselves one of our new PLINK profile accounts. The PLINK is a unique social networking page aimed only at businesses.

Imagine something like a Facebook page but where businesses exchange connections, get free advertising and earn credits for carrying adverts of other businesses. Those credits are then automatically exchanged for more free advertising at no cost. Sounds to good to be true but its not, its Local Link Up, it's a PLINK! It's our blend of free local advertising. It's free business and free leads for your business.

It's not a website, it's a PLINK. It runs alongside your website and gets you connections and gets you a significant and immediate increase in exposure for your company. What's more, as the Local Link Up network grows, so does your free advertising.

There is no downside so what are you waiting for, get PLINKing now. Don't waste your time looking for the catch because you won't find one. If your business hasn't got a PLINK it should have.

New Local Link Up local advertising product is very close to launch

Well it's great news that I have actually seen sight of the latest version of our new free local advertising product. It is truly going to be a quantam leap forward for our PLINKs and there is simply nothing like this out in the market for free local business advertising. I cant wait to reveal all to our customers in the next couple of weeks.

The team at Local Link Up are very proud of our new baby!