New Local Link Up website will be the portal for free local advertising

It's just a couple of days away and once launched the new Local Link Up website will be the portal for all businesses to get themselves one of our new PLINK profile accounts. The PLINK is a unique social networking page aimed only at businesses.

Imagine something like a Facebook page but where businesses exchange connections, get free advertising and earn credits for carrying adverts of other businesses. Those credits are then automatically exchanged for more free advertising at no cost. Sounds to good to be true but its not, its Local Link Up, it's a PLINK! It's our blend of free local advertising. It's free business and free leads for your business.

It's not a website, it's a PLINK. It runs alongside your website and gets you connections and gets you a significant and immediate increase in exposure for your company. What's more, as the Local Link Up network grows, so does your free advertising.

There is no downside so what are you waiting for, get PLINKing now. Don't waste your time looking for the catch because you won't find one. If your business hasn't got a PLINK it should have.

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