Free Local Business Advertising, what you waiting for?

Well what you waiting for. Local Link Up is providing free advertising to thousands of businesses. Every week more and more companies are enjoying the benefits of free local business advertising by getting themselves a PLINK.

You don’t have to replace your website, you don’t have to consult your webmaster (whatever they are), you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds to a "SEO specialist", you just have to get PLINKing.

Now we are not saying it will be the only online advertising you will ever need but it may just be that. Some businesses really mostly on reputation but your potential customers still need to find you on the internet and that’s what PLINK is all about. It’s a simple website like a Facebook for business I guess. It provides basic information about your business and you can update it in seconds without paying the webmaster or SEO specialist to do it for you.

So what you waiting for? Get yourself a PLINK now. It won’t cost you a bean but might just improve your online advertising!

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