The internet is worth £100bn to UK business

The internet is worth £100bn to UK business.

Yesterday is was widely reported that the internet sector alone was worth over £100bn to the UK economy making up more than 7% of the UK national economy, but who is getting all the business? I bet it’s not you?

The majority of the business goes to the companies who have their websites listed on the front page of Google for competitive phrases but I bet that’s not you either?
BCG partner Paul Zwillenberg, one of the report's authors, said the internet is giving UK companies access to international markets and allowing them to generate "astounding" growth. I bet that’s not you getting outstanding growth from the internet either?
The UK has the big
gest per capita spend on e-commerce with people buying billions of pounds of goods and services every week but again I bet it’s not you that is enjoying that prolific spending frenzy?

It all boils down to this. The companies who commit to the internet and work hard to get results are making money while people who do not commit and are stuck using out of date marketing methods lose out. If you are not on the first page of Google but you have a nice website you may as well not be there and have wasted your money. Local Link Up offers a unique, no-risk way of getting your business first page listings to generate traffic for your site to give you a chance of being up there with the people making money.

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