Search Marketing in it's fairest form, Pay Per Rank SEO

We have had phenomenal success with our latest product Plink Plus PPR (Pay Per Rank) which allows customers to get one of our simple but massively effective PLINK's and then add a pay per rank marketing campaign on the back of it.

Quite simply this allows a business to get a free PLINK which is an effective form of advertising in it's own right and then choose phrases that are important to their business. Our Search Engine Optimisation team then work hard every week to get the site promoted and if our customers phrases appear on the first page of Google they pay a small monthly fee for each one found. It's hugely effective because unlike normal search marketing schemes we are always incentivised to keep pushing your business, if we don't we don't get paid anything.

Its a simple, fair and transparent system that gets results. Does it work? Have a look who is on the front page of google for "Pay Per Rank" from over 6 million results!

We are not the only company that promise this but we deliver and our system is simple to use and control. What's more we give you full control over everything in your package with your PLINK. Try a free plink and our free advertising package first to see how good it is and then upgrade to a PLINK Plus PPR

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stuart, this is all looking great now - you've done a great job! Was good to meet you last year and I'm pleased everything has been a success for you with your new venture. I just came across you by accident again whilst looking for a local builder, so it definitely works! Sa-Ra (Senior Graphic/Web Designer).

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