Merry Xmas from Local Link Up

I know it’s a little early but the team at Local Link Up are not here next Friday and with Friday being my favourite day to blog I thought I better do my thing today.

Well firstly we wish to pass on our profound thanks to the thousands of businesses who joined us during the last 12 months. It was only one year ago that Local Link Up launched the first of our services and now we employ over 100 people and have over 30,000 business using our platforms. This by any measure is a fantastic result but when you put that against the backdrop of a worldwide recession we think that speaks volumes for the Local Link Up message. We think our customers get what we are trying to do.

During 2010 we introduced a free online advertising product and in addition introduced the UK's only pay per rank SEO service. Finally we released not one but three versions of our excellent and free website builder platform called Pro Design however.....

....2011 is going to be much better. Local Link Up has a substantial growth plan for the next year. From 2011 we are ramping up our operation to cope with a large increase in the number of subscribers. Currently we have people in training so they are ready to handle our workload straight from the outset of the New Year.
We have exciting times ahead of us and we are on a mission to make Local Link Up one of the largest advertising networks in the UK. Again we thank each and every customer who has shown faith in our products and services so far and we wish each and every one of you a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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