New version of our site builder software package that comes free with Pro Design

Local Link Up have today launched a substantially updated version of our awesome drag and drop site builder package that we give free to all our customers that purchase our Pro Design package.

Site Builder 3 is now even easier to use and incorporates many extra features including flash banners and much more and will be the basis for lots of new add-ons during the coming months including a shopping cart function that is unlike the rest of this fragmented market, very search engine friendly like all Local Link Up products.

As usual our customers have full access to update and add pages to their site as required but Site Builder 3 now has more formatting options that can be easily applied to content on your website.

Best of all it remains completely free of charge to our customers and will be rolled out to all existing customers over the next few weeks.

Why you need to update your blog with Local Link Up

I found a great article about why you should have and update a blog for your business. Essentially it highlights the benefits for getting your business found on the internet, and despite what the article says there is no need to pay for one if you are a Local Link Up customer as we added a blog to your website for free when you opened your account. It just needs you to log into your account and post something about your business every week or two and it can have a dramatic effect on your rankings. Always remember to mention your most important products or services in your posting each time you write.

Here is the article from

Why Small Business Owners Need a Blog
Posted by: Today's Tip Contributor on January 21, 2011

If you’re a small business owner, you may have taken the plunge and put up a website. Unless you’re selling direct from the site, the chances are good that nothing much has changed on the site since it first went up.

That’s not good because search engines like Google reward dynamic websites—that is, when they see fresh content on a consistent basis they will send more potential customers to you. Static websites just don’t cut it. The problem with a regular website is you probably need to pay a webmaster to make changes. It takes too much time and money, so you don’t bother.

Here is some good news: You can make changes and consistently add fresh content to your site simply by adding a blog. Every small business should have a blog as the centerpiece of its social media program. A blog is a content management system that gives you tremendous flexibility. You might consider using WordPress, which provides you a free blog template, or, for under $100, you can buy a more flexible blog template from a company like iThemes. You can insert and delete copy, add videos, images, and podcasts that promote your company and your products and services. You yourself can do this without hiring outside help.

A blog can contain all the information you had on your old website, but you can easily make changes with updates about your company. From your blog, you can feed important information directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media sites where your customers are forming communities. Post an article, and it is immediately "pinged" to sites of your choice with a link back to your blog.

Announcement: Local Link announces the worlds first No Win, No Fee, Pay Per Rank service with free website and domain name

Its official, Local Link Up shakes up the market once again with our no win, no fee pay per rank service including and free website and domain name.

From January 4th Local Link Up has decided to remove the set-up cost on our wildly successful Pay Per Rank service, the only one of its kind in Europe, and offer business customers the chance to participate in the service with no up-front fee.

Here is the deal:

Local Link Up will build you one of our award winning PLINK websites for free and register you a domain name of your choice to go with it.

We will provide email services, hosting services, blogs, reviews, software etc. all free of charge.

We will write your initial content for you from your information and then you can add to or update as much as you like with no cost.

We will agree with you the most important phrases you wish to be found for on Google and other search engines and will generate a Pay Per Rank campaign and you will only pay us a small monthly fee (that you agree) when your phrases are ranked on the first page of Google, the worlds largest advertising source.

There are no strings or catches. Read our terms.

Local Link Up is the only no win, no fee pay per rank service in the Europe so don't buy any other package from any other provider, it's sure to be poor value compared to what we offer.

Back with a bang for 2011

Well we had a great Christmas at Local Link Up and father christmas was kind to us all in our office. He gacve everyone in the office a new PC and Monitor so that was nice to come back to today. We cant wait for the big announcement our team are making today.

In the meantime I wish you all and happy new year and lets hope that 2011 will be properous for everyone. It certainly should be for Local Link Up pay per rank service customers.