Announcement: Local Link announces the worlds first No Win, No Fee, Pay Per Rank service with free website and domain name

Its official, Local Link Up shakes up the market once again with our no win, no fee pay per rank service including and free website and domain name.

From January 4th Local Link Up has decided to remove the set-up cost on our wildly successful Pay Per Rank service, the only one of its kind in Europe, and offer business customers the chance to participate in the service with no up-front fee.

Here is the deal:

Local Link Up will build you one of our award winning PLINK websites for free and register you a domain name of your choice to go with it.

We will provide email services, hosting services, blogs, reviews, software etc. all free of charge.

We will write your initial content for you from your information and then you can add to or update as much as you like with no cost.

We will agree with you the most important phrases you wish to be found for on Google and other search engines and will generate a Pay Per Rank campaign and you will only pay us a small monthly fee (that you agree) when your phrases are ranked on the first page of Google, the worlds largest advertising source.

There are no strings or catches. Read our terms.

Local Link Up is the only no win, no fee pay per rank service in the Europe so don't buy any other package from any other provider, it's sure to be poor value compared to what we offer.

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