Why your domain name matters

Commonly we find businesses that have websites with their own company name as their website address telling us that they dont get the rankings they expect despite their site being heavily optimised and fit for purpose. One of the simplest pieces of advice we give them is to register and build a site on a generic domain name. Put simply a generic domain name reflects the main service your offer for example "plumber Carlisle".

What impact does having a name versus generic domain name have on where your site will rank?

Here are some thoughts from our SEO team

Your domain name is one of many rankings factors that make up where Google and other search engines list your site. Having a generic domain name is a sure fire way to gain some extra points when the search engines come looking at your site.

For instance:

Keyword for ranking is “plumber carlisle”

Company 1's domain name http://joebloggsandco.com

Company 2's domain name http://plumber-carlisle.co.uk

Company 1 uses its own company name for the website, and has been there for several years but just doesnt get the rankings they expect. Now look at Company 2 – it has the perfect domain in that the keyword and domain name are the same.

Company 2’s domain name will almost certainly rank on page much higher that company 1, and probably first page ranking assuming other variables are in place such as a well written site with good fresh content. Company 1 will have to do a lot more work to make sure the search engine algorithm knows what the site is about and to make it see it is relevant and important enough to get top page rankings for the keyword term.

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