Local Link Up on BBC today.

Today Local Link Up was featured on both the lunchtime and this evenings BBC news and breakfast radio in a feature about the teacher strikes and how it has affected employees in the workplace.

Various Local Link Up employees brought their children in to work today and a BBC film crew filmed a short piece with some of the children and their parents.

The staff at Local Link Up Lancaster office thoroughly enjoyed being part of the action!

New PLINK/PLINKEO editing system

Great news, along with the new updated PLINK designs and our brand new PLINKEO video product our engineers have designed a new way to interact with your PLINK when editing it that our customers should find easier and more pleasant to use.

The new editing interface should arrive week commencing 27th June 2011.

Coming soon, to a PLINK near you

Well our engineers have been a bit quiet just lately but in fact they have just been squirreling away in the nerd room to come up with a new improved version of the PLINK to take into account some of our customers feedback about the design of the old PLINK and also to accommodate our new latest secret product, a video PLINK we like to call the PLINKEO!

The new design is cleaner and smarter and tones down some of the Local Link Up branding so our customers potential customers can get right down to the detail and see what services our customers are offering.

If our customer upgrades to our video offering, the PLINKEO then there is a fantastic video plonked right in the top half of the page to greet their potential customers. These video have been engineered to look great but very importantly add to their search engine rankings so that Google and the other major search engines see that our customer is committed to providing top quality information about their business.

Videos also have a dual benefit because in tests having a video on your website massively improves response rates and potential customers understanding of your offering. They are not free but as usually they are great value like everything from Local Link Up. We expect to be able to launch the PLINKEO in the week commencing 27th June 2011 so watch out for it.
All customers will receive a free upgrade to the new PLINK style.