PLINK gets even more social with Facebook

Not content with rolling out a brand new video product just a couple of weeks ago our engineers have been busy beavering away with our new Facebook module which allows our customers to get social without the headaches.

Local Link Up will create for our customers who opt for this service a Facebook custom business page and secure their very own Facebook business address for life.

Here is the press release:

LocalLink Up is the social media connector for any business. All businesses know they need to engage with audiences both locally and in a wider market using social media but frankly unless they employ a full time social media specialist they will almost certainly have become overwhelmed by the choices on offer and how they work. Your business should be engaging with Google search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search, Facebook, Twitter Youtube and Google +1 at the very least but finding your way around these networks let alone posting on them is quite simply a nightmare. You wouldnt have time to run your business if you did.

Just two years ago it was hard enough to get a website on Googles first page. It was also expensive but Local Link Up solved that with a low cost Google rankings product that has seen over 20,000 businesses ranking on the first page for a small monthly fee. Now we introduce our social media connector called TIMS - Total Internet Marketing.

TIMS is not just a concept, it is a solution that is managed by Local Link Up for you but allows you to interact with one source, the LLU TIMS control panel and build and update your audience on all of the above social media networks with no skill required and almost none of your precious time.

You get one place to post your thoughts, your latest pictures of a job or perhaps your menu for a restuarant. Its one place where you can manage your friends requests and the results of your campaigns and then Local Link Up sends out your messages to many sources and monitors the feedback.

Most importantly Local Link Up will help you build a network either locally or in a wider area by engaging with the social networks and before you know it you could have an audience of hundreds or thousands or potential customers that you can tell about your latest products or service and before you know it you will be gaining customers and business from social networking like the professionals.

The first stage of TIMS will launch next week with the Facebook connector and will be shortly followed by Twitter and Google +1 connectors.

New PLINK and PLINKEO is live

Great news, today Local Link Up has released it latest version of the PLINK local advertising product. It features a great new cleaner design and behind the scenes a fantastic new simplified interface for our customers to update their content but thats not all..........

The new plink will form the foundation for a new suite of products that connect users to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more social networking services all from one simple control panel.