Over 40 year olds are not getting Facebook

According to a recent report most businesses are missing the opportunity that is Facebook.

Ticketmaster estimates that every time one of their customers posts on Facebook that they’ve purchased a ticket, his or her's friends spend an additional $5.30 on the internet site. When last year’s Google conference was going on, they tweeted on the morning of the convention: “100 tickets remaining, 550 bucks an item, use this marketing code”. 11 minutes later they tweeted, “Sorry they have all gone, thank you.” That’s $55,000 sales with one twitter update in eleven minutes. E-commerce sales are expected to top $1.4 trillion by 2015. And IDC estimates that in 5 years, 10-15 per-cent of total customer spending in the western world may go through web sites for example Facebook.

The problem here is that most of the people running businesses simply dont have a commercial understanding of social media and in particular Facebook and Twitter and the size of the audiences. The over 40's who run businesses are most at risk having left school before the computer became a standard item they have been slow to adopt most web technologies but with social media this has been even more pronounced with business owners really not understanding how important it is to establish their presence and register their Facebook and Twitter ID's. These ID's are being quickly taken up by their younger competitors while they tell everyone who will listen that it is a waste of time to be on Facebook!

What is different about Facebook and Twitter is that their is only one version of a Facebook name so if you want to register your Facebook business name you better be quick. Unlike website domains Facebook and Twitter do not allow trade or resale in registered names. If you miss it then you wont ever get it.

Local Link Up has released a product to address this. It doesnt require any Facebook skills but will provide a solid platform to help your business benefit from the social media revolution.

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