Business Advertising Solutions through Local Link Up

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Business Advertising Solutions through Local Link Up
The business world has become so competitive that it is almost impossible for new businesses to establish themselves in a well-known market niche. Moreover, advertising campaigns have become more aggressive with most businesses relying on search engine campaigns to get word out to their target audience. However, one of the major risks involved with search engine campaigns is that they often tend to be risky. You may easily spend quite a lot of money on a campaign that does not produce good results as there is no guarantee that your website will ever reach the first page on any of the popular search engine results yet you still pay for the campaign.

However, one of the easiest and completely risk-free business advertising solutions is the Pay Per Result innovation that was pioneered by Local link Up. Local Link Up is a UK-based company that specializes in increasing one’s target market by offering and developing low cost business advertising solutions that are geared towards achieving results for their customers. The PPR innovation is distinctly different from the normal search engine advert campaigns in that you only pay for the keywords chosen only if your website has reached the top page of Google’s search engine.

The PPR SEO integration feature works through a series of simple steps that will allow you to greatly increase your website’s awareness across the internet. A new user to the Local Link Up website gets a new, free Plink Profile built on a web address of their own choice. Moreover, with the PPR option, they also get the opportunity to select numerous key phrases that they would like the Local Link Up website to use so as to carry out the business advertising campaign. The selection of the Key phrases is simply done through a keyword selector tool in which one types in the keywords or phrases that the customers may identify with, as well as the location that is served by the individual’s company. The process ends with the keyword tool generating an automatic quote based on what has been entered.
Tracking the progress of this free business advertising solution is quite easy and is done through the dashboard. This utility also allows for one to monitor their billing and account information.

Lately, a lot of emphasis has been placed on social media marketing and how social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can help businesses advertise themselves to potential online customers. However, one of the major problems is that it tends to be quite difficult to manage one’s business as well as managing the different social network accounts without a social media specialist. As such, Local link Up developed a new business advertising solution for this particular problem.

The Total Internet Marketing or TIMS solution is a new business advertising feature that allows you to update your audience on the different networks through a single source. This is done through the LLU TIMS control panel in which one can simply perform all their tasks that they would do on a normal social media account such as posting thoughts, adding friends, updating their profile, etc.

In this way local Link Up can then monitor feedback from the different social networks and within a short amount of time, your audience will vastly increase in number. While Local Link Up has a number of free business advertising solutions, there are also numerous benefits to be gained by upgrading and becoming a premium member through the PlinkPlus and Pro Design options. PlinkPlus users get gallery features as well as enhanced company descriptions while some of the noteworthy benefits for the Pro Design option include a custom designed website, domain name registration, as well as gallery features and the existing features of the PlinkPlus option.

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