Have you blogged today? Its easy with Local Link Up

Blogging has long been seen as a great way to update your website. Most SEO specialists suggest that you regularly write updates to your website in the form of blog posts at least once or twice each week. Google and other search engines look at websites and rank them more highly if their content is often fresh and a simple blog post about your subject matter can have huge benefits to your search engine rankings.

Just like me writing this blog, you too can enhance the content of your website by adding a blog to your website which you can get your website designer to add for you usually for a reasonable cost but did you know that in all Local Link Up websites we have a blog built-n free of charge. You can get blogging right away with no fuss and absolutely no cost. Just log in to your Local Link Up Plink or Pro Design website and click on the blog editor. The rest is easy, just fill in the boxes and your post will go live.

But that's not all, if you choose our Facebook page option, any post you make to your blog will also be updated at the same time to your Facebook page and posted on Twitter to easing the burden of updating multiple important content sources for your business.

Local Link Up makes it easy to be a blogger so why not get started enhancing your content today.

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