SEO produces more leads than Pay Per Click

Search engine optimisation is definitely the number one way to obtain leads for both business to consumer and also business to business marketers, beating both Pay Per Click and social multimedia promotion in a recent study of internet marketers. But more of those surveyed state they want to increase their social media advertising budgets in 2012, before SEO and PPC.

The figures come from the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report, which was authored by Webmarketing123, a California-based internet marketing company. The company surveyed above 500 U.S. online marketers in August and September.

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.mobi is the future of advertising at Local Link Up

Well following substantial demand our engineers are in the process of perfecting an addition to our superb website builder package to allow our customers and designers to produce superb mobile versions of websites and to allow regular updates easily like all Local Link Up products.

In just a few weeks we will be releasing this option to all customers so they can tap in to the lucrative mobile search market which now makes up almost 33% of all search requests.

I will keep you posted.